New Home Construction

Realize Your Vision With New Home Construction in Greater St. Louis 

When it comes to house hunting, you might enjoy the character of older constructions, but oftentimes, these buildings have a lot of problems. Leaky plumbing and faulty electric wiring can take a lot of time, money, and effort to fix. Newer buildings, on the other hand, do not have these problems. However, they are often quite "cookie cutter" - you might see "your" house 5 times as you drive down your block. Why not consider having your new home constructed from scratch?

No rules

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Many newly constructed houses are subject to the rules of homeowners' associations, which generally means you will be heavily restricted in customizing your home - bad news if you want to get creative. If you build your own home, you will have more freedom to be innovative. 

Avoid the money pit

Sure, you might be financially better off buying a "fixer upper" to begin with, but you might just find that these savings end up only being short term. Problems such as sagging floors, uneven surfaces, and even asbestos may start to reveal themselves, turning your new home into a money pit. 

All the character, none of the problems

When you have a custom home constructed, you can come up with a design which perfectly suits your lifestyle and reflects you as a person. Your home can still have all of the characteristics typical of an older construction, with none of the problems associated with it. If you are a creative, free spirit, then constructing your own home is the way to go!
Realize your vision - build a new home with us today!
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