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Kitchen Remodeling

Anyone who uses the kitchen frequently probably has a few suggestions at the ready should they ever meet the original builder. For example, the space might function better if it weren’t so cramped that only one person can be in the room when an appliance door is open. Or perhaps the cooktop should be adjacent to the sink instead of across the room. And whose bright idea was it to abut cabinets at the corners and waste all that potential storage space instead of simply installing corner cabinets? In short, most people would prefer a more functional kitchen space. And many homeowners in older houses would also like an open floor plan that doesn’t require the cook to be sequestered away from the rest of the family. Then there are the issues of modern amenities and style to consider. The point is that there are plenty of reasons to undertake a kitchen remodeling project, and myriad benefits to be gained in the process.

Despite the fact that a kitchen remodel is one of the most expensive renovations in any given property, you can also expect a nearly equal return on investment when you opt to completely revamp this popular common area in your home. You could easily drop $30K (or more) into your kitchen, although the frugal homeowner can find ways to pare down costs somewhat. But the truth is that you can then tack the lion’s share of that expense onto your home when you sell. In some cases, such renovations will bump up the value of your home even more than the amount you spent, especially if you’re planning to sell shortly after the remodel is complete. If you want to stay in the house a few more years the value of the upgrade could depreciate somewhat, but you’ll get enjoyment out of your new kitchen in the meantime, which is definitely worth something.

The main draw of a kitchen remodel for most people, aside from the monetary value it adds to a property, is the prospect of a dream kitchen. Whether you’re the family chef or you merely like to hang out in this cozy, communal space, you’ve no doubt got a few ideas about how to make the room more functional, not to mention aesthetically pleasing. And the remodeling process allows you to get the modern appliances your household needs (double oven, energy-star refrigerator, etc.), layout the space so that it is more useful, tear out walls that are blocking you from participating in family time while you cook, and add the materials that will give the kitchen the updated and attractive aesthetic you’ve been pining for.

When you consider the prospect of kitchen remodeling, you may be a bit put off by the price involved, as well as the amount of time it could take. But when you have the gourmet kitchen you’ve always wanted, or even just a space that functions more efficiently, you’re going to be glad that you went through with it. And you’ll be even happier when you sell your home and you see that the money you spent can deliver not only a larger pool of interested buyers, but also a higher asking price for your property.

Many have turned to us for kitchen, bathroom, and other remodeling services. Trust St Evans Inc. for your remodeling needs. We serve Fenton and St. Louis, MO. For more information, click here.

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