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Tips for Worry and Regret Free Kitchen Remodeling in St. Louis, MO

Kitchen remodeling isn’t always a simple project as it could end up being unnecessarily stressful and time-consuming. Thankfully, the benefits—such as the boost it could give the aesthetics and functionality of your cooking space—far outweigh the drawbacks, making it a popular home improvement option among homeowners in Missouri’s Gateway to the West. If you want to optimize the benefits of kitchen remodeling in St. Louis, there are a few important points you should always bear in mind.

Kitchen Remodeling

Plan the Layout

When meeting with renovation professionals from established companies like St. Evans Inc., you should already have a concrete idea in mind as to what you want. Basically, you will need to prepare three things for planning your remodel: (1) an accurate architectural rendering (to scale) of your current kitchen, including as many details as possible; (2) your renovation ‘wish list’; and (3) files or pictures of kitchen design elements you wish to incorporate.

Optimize Efficiency

One of the best ways to maximize work efficiency in your kitchen is to consider the tasks that need to be done in a specific area, be it cooking, food preparation, serving, or cleaning up. For instance, arrange food containers, tableware, and cooking tools according to how often they are used, and place them in the kitchen area where they are most needed. This way, anyone preparing breakfast or putting away last night’s dishes will have a more convenient time carrying out these tasks.

Choose the Appliances

This Old House magazine’s Marjorie E. Gage has this to say about picking out the right appliances for your newly remodeled kitchen:

“1. Burner heat output (in Btu): Ideally, you want a combination of high highs and low lows. A standard burner goes from a low of around 2,000 Btu to a high of 12,000.

2. Energy efficiency: Look for dishwashers and refrigerators that have earned Energy Star ratings (energystar.gov). You’ll save money on operating costs as you conserve resources.

3. Ease of operation: Easy-to-grip stovetop knobs, accessible refrigerator controls, convenient dishwasher loadability: The little things mean a lot.

4. Safety features: Choose a cooktop with controls at the front or side, not between burners, and click-and-turn knobs that kids can’t light by mistake. […]

5. Ease of cleaning: Options like sealed stovetop burners, sliding tempered-glass refrigerator shelves (not drip-through grates), and fingerprint-resistant textured finishes reduce cleanup time.”

Another important point to consider is to hire a reputable St. Louis remodeling contractor. Otherwise, you might end up getting burned and be forced to watch all your renovation efforts go to waste. Work with a contractor whom you trust to have done an excellent job in the past, and has a record for reliability.

(Source: The (Don’t Get Burned) Kitchen Remodeling Guide, This Old House)

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