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Tips for Kitchen Remodeling in St. Louis: Surviving without a Kitchen

For professionals who do excellent kitchen remodeling for St. Louis homes, the quality of the output is always above the speedy completion of the project, so homeowners can expect to be without a working kitchen for a few days or a week, at least. To survive the remodel, you and your family will have to adapt some techniques to deal with the temporary loss of your cooking area. Here are some tips to help you out:

Kitchen Workbook

Set up a stand-in kitchen.

Sure you can eat out every mealtime, but this can be quite a tedious routine, not to mention impractical, what with all your gas and restaurant expenditures. If you’re industrious enough, though, you should be able to designate another room as a stand-in kitchen – preferably a room that isn’t used too often, such as a guest room, or a workroom.

Keep the gear simple.

Take out only the kitchen equipment that you absolutely need to prepare meals. Put your blender or waffle iron aside, as your toaster, microwave, and similar cooking tools should take precedence. Meanwhile, be sure to properly store or cover up kitchen equipment and appliances you don’t need so that they won’t get damaged from all the renovation going on in your kitchen.

Enjoy outdoor cooking.

It’s springtime; birds are singing on the treetops, a cool air blows gently, the sun is shining, and you have no kitchen – so what’s stopping you from putting the old grill to work? Thanks to your home renovation, you can get some exciting outdoor dining fun started with this useful tip from Houzz.com contributor Lisa Frederick:

“Here’s a secret: Your grill can do almost anything your oven can. Need to roast meat or vegetables, or bake pizza? Look to the grill. You can even channel your Scout days and use it for foil-packet meals, pans of biscuits and rolls, skillet pies and cobblers and, of course, s’mores.”

Head out of town.

If simple outdoor barbecue lunches and dinners in your own cozy backyard isn’t enough for you, why not pull out all the stops and go on a week-long vacation with your family instead? Of course, you can only do this if you’re perfectly comfortable with letting the renovators do their job even while you’re away for some time.

If you feel that waiting for the renovations to end is becoming too troublesome, just think of the big picture – visualize what you can get out of all your little sacrifices. Through excellent remodeling by St. Louis, MO contractors like St. Evans Inc., you could end up having your dream kitchen for life, thereby making a few days without a proper kitchen totally worth it.

(Source: Kitchen Workbook: 8 Steps to Surviving a Remodel, Houzz)

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