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A Well-thought-out Remodeling in St. Louis Adds Value to Your Home

St. Louis is a family-friendly community in Missouri. Complete with good schools, lovely parks, and abundant business and employment opportunities, you can say that this city is the place to reside in for the next couple of decades.

Home Remodeling

If you already own a house in the area, you know that home remodeling is the best way to keep up with the fast evolving city lifestyle. Besides the beauty and comfort that remodeling brings, every home improvement project you invest in increases your property’s resale value. An excerpt from Teresa Mears’ article for USNews.com supports this idea, explaining why home remodeling is a worthwhile investment:

“Replacing old elements, such as doors, windows and siding, in general yielded a better financial return than bigger remodeling projects, such as additions. But real estate agents and remodelers say updated kitchens and baths still bring a significant payoff, especially at resale time. The report found that kitchen projects yielded a higher return than bath projects, with a minor kitchen remodel adding 82.7 percent of the project’s cost back to the home’s value.

But the average cost of a minor kitchen remodel – new cabinet doors, appliances, countertops, sink, faucet, paint and hardware – was $18,856 nationwide, according to the Cost vs. Value report. Savvy shoppers can do it for less than the buyer assumes.”

Return on investment (ROI) has to be higher than the amount invested; otherwise, the purpose of investment will be defeated. To achieve this, you can either invest more on the project to expect more from it, or look for cheaper yet equally effective alternatives.

The latter can be simplified into “making informed decisions” on your St. Louis remodeling project. Meaning, you have to study design trends, look for cost-efficient options, and hire a reputable remodeling company like St Evans Inc., to make sure that you will still make a good deal of savings without skimping on quality.

A well-thought-out home remodeling in St. Louis may include an exterior siding replacement, a kitchen and bathroom makeover, and a roof replacement. These are known in the construction and remodeling industry to yield the highest return among all projects. There can be two reasons for this fact: a resilient exterior reinforces the structural integrity of the home, and an exquisite kitchen or bathroom remodel makes a home more comfortable to live in.

(Source: Which Home Remodeling Projects Are Worth Your Money?, USNews.com)

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