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Of Tiles and Tubs: On Going about Bathroom Remodeling in St. Louis

An article on the Courier Journal website posted last October 15, 2013 discusses ways homeowners can spruce up their bathrooms. As some of the more used spaces in a house, bathrooms experience more wear and tear from occasional use versus other rooms (barring the kitchen), and thus could use some fixing up. The article cites several remodeling tips for householders to consider, such as:

Easy BathroomResurface. When possible, covering up what you have in the bathroom is much less expensive and less labor-intensive than tearing out existing fixtures and floors and replacing them anew. Resurfacing can extend to refinishing bathtubs to installing shower liners. Those who have unsightly walls or wallpaper that they’re just not ready to remove may consider using wainscotting to cover a portion of the room or even tiling entire walls.

It is important to note that resurfacing and covering up items in the bathroom should only be reserved for cosmetic fixes. If something needs to be replaced because it is damaged or mildew-covered, then covering it up is only hiding the problem and asking for more work in the long run.

While a fresh new set of tiles or wallpaper can rejuvenate a tired and old-looking bathroom, a simple remodel won’t have much point if it doesn’t solve existing bathroom problems. Even the article warns homeowners about simply glossing over problems, as it only leads to more serious damages in the near future. Proper bathroom remodeling in St. Louis will entail complete overhauls to make sure the space looks and performs good as new.

Remodeling a bathroom obviously differs from repairing the space, so how exactly do you remodel a bathroom to prevent damage? Poor bathroom design can lead to issues such as the formation of excessive condensation on the walls (caused by poor ventilation), mold growth (from moisture), or weak water pressure (likely due to elevation). By remodeling the bathroom, homeowners can drastically reduce the occurrence of these flaws while improving the aesthetics of the space.

These issues aren’t things homeowners can fix alone. It’ll take an expert contractor with good knowledge of plumbing to properly solve these bathroom frustrations and restore the look of the area at the same time. Professional St. Louis remodeling contractors such as St. Evans Inc. can provide such services, helping householders recreate a bathroom that looks as good as it works.

(Info from Easy bathroom renovations, Courier Journal, October 15, 2013)

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