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Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling in St. Louis

There will come a point in most homeowners’ lives when they’ll want to remodel their properties. Contractors that engage in remodeling in St. Louis and other cities in Missouri say that many clients want their homes to be remodeled because they want to make their homes more enjoyable, while others want to meet the changing needs of their families. Still, other homeowners choose to have their homes remodeled because they want to improve its resale value.

Renovation SolutionIn spite of its benefits, remodeling residential property isn’t a project that should be taken lightly, according to Ann Robinson and Annie V. Schwemmer of Deseret News: “Remodeling usually represents a substantial investment of time and energy, but it shouldn’t cost more than it has to. Most people experience a major remodel only once or twice in their lifetime, so there isn’t much room for trial and error. You want to get it right the first time.” The article went on to discuss some of the costly mistakes which homeowners should avoid, such as “doing projects out of sequence” and “blowing the budget”.

Essentially, these costly mistakes are rooted in poor planning. To counter the negative effects of poor planning, Robinson and Schwemmer recommend that homeowners spend ample time working with their contractors to create flawless master plans that will save on time, energy, and finances. If you have envisioned the changes you want to make, but are struggling to put your ideas in motion, you can always ask for assistance from experienced remodeling contractors like those from St Evans Inc.

Having considerable expertise in home construction and improvement, these St. Louis remodeling contractors can guide homeowners, helping them create plans that are realistic and meet their expectations. As noted earlier, homeowners are advised to avoid doing projects out of sequence. For example, homeowners shouldn’t redo their landscapes if they’re planning to have decks installed later on, or have replacement windows installed before remodeling the exteriors of their home.

As for “blowing the budget,” Robinson and Schwemmer state that:

The client who stays within a budget is the client who plans ahead. The more detailed the project plans are, the more accurate the bids and the more realistic the budget. Making all the selections of finishes and equipment prior to commencing construction will allow you to get the big picture and consider the complete cost of the project.

(Info from Renovation Solutions: 6 costly mistakes people make when remodeling; Deseret News)

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